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5inch Air Circulator Fan

• Air flow covers up to 16 feets
• Auto oscillation
• Manual tilting mechanism
• 5 control modes
• 65° Automatic left-right
• 1.6 Metres power cord
• 90° Manual up


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Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Power: 25W
Fan Guard: 5 inches
Climate Class: T
Warranty Period: 1 year
Fan Motor Warranty Period: 3 years

Model No. : ACF-8
Packing Dimension:
 L17.90cm x W17.7cm x H24.7cm
Weight: 1.5kgs

Plug into any AC 220-240V, 50Hz source, ensure that the plug and the socket fit well. You can operate the appliance by the dial control panel.
1. Control Panel
Symbols and Functions:
0: Turn OFF the fan
1: Low Speed
2: High Speed
: Low S peed with Automatic Left to Right Oscillation
: High Speed with Automatic Left to Right Oscillation

In oscillation mode, the fan automatically oscillates approximately 65 degrees from the Left direction to the Right direction, and vice versa.
2. Tilting Angle Adjustment
The wind angle of the fan can be adjustable by pressing the fan head up or down. 


• Always unplug the fan before cleaning.
• Use only a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe and clean the outer surfaces of the fan.
• Ensure that the fan is switched OFF from the supply mains before removing the guard.
• To clean between the fan guard grilles, we recommend using a flexible dust wand, vacuum cleaner or compressed air to gently remove the dust.
• DO NOT immerse the fan in water and never allow water to drip into the motor housing.
• DO NOT use gasoline, paint thinner, cleaning agents or other chemicals to clean the fan.
• For storage, you may leave the fan assembled and covered to protect it from dust. Store the fan in a cool, dry place.