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13A Digital Timer with Multiway Plug

• Daily and weekly program
• Minimum switching period 1 minutes
• Easy to read LCD display
• 1.2V rechargeable battery for power reserve
• Safety shutters
• Up to 20 ON/ OFF settings per day
• Up to 140 ON/ OFF settings per week


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Max. Power: 3120W
Rated Voltage: AC 220V-240V
Max. Rated Current: 13A
Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Model No.: MDT-269
Packing Dimension:
 L13.5cm x W6cm x H19.5cm

Weight: 0.2kg

Timer Controls
1. LCD display area
2. WEEK button - set the day of the week
3. HOUR button - hour setting
4. CLOCK button - real-time setting
5. SET button - push and release to set or change programmed on and off times
6. MANUAL button - push and release to manually switch AUTO OFFONAUTO ONor OFF at any time.
7. RESET button - clear all the programs and real time with a sharp object such as a pencil.
8. MIN button - minute setting
9. RST/ RCL button - clear a program setting
10. CTD button - set the countdown time

LCD display area introduction
1. Real-time
2. MO TU ... Day of the week
4. SUMMER time

Setting Present Time
1. Press 'CLOCK' and 'WEEK' at the same time to get the correct day
2. Press 'CLOCK' and 'HOUR' at the same time to adjust hour time
3. Press 'CLOCK' and 'MINUTE' at the same time to set the minute
4. Press 'CLOCK' for 3 seconds to choose SUMMER TIME or not. One hour will be added under SUMMER state.

Initial Operation
The timer uses rechargeable batteries that need charging before the timer functions can work. Before attempting any programming, plug the timer into a power outlet and switch on. Allow around 10 minutes for the initial charge.
Use a pointed object, such as a pen or pencil, to clear the memory by pushing the RESET button.

Countdown Setting
1. In timing state press CTD Countdown button, LCD Display "countdown 0:00 00"
2. Press "HOUR""MIN" button respectively to set countdown time (long press CTD Countdown button to clear the setting)
3. Press CTD Countdown button again to start the count mode and another pressing can make it a pause. Press CLOCK button to get back to real-time state.
Note: During countdown state mode, press CLOCK button to show current time and back to countdown mode in 3 seconds automatically. If press CTD Countdown button during 3 seconds, the countdown mode stop.

Automatic Reminding
At the end of the countdown, the buzzer will sound out, and will be stopped automatically after 1 minute. If a button is pressed during this time, the buzzer sound will stop immediately.

1. Press SET button once, the display will now show "ON 1" mode.
2. Press "DAY","HOUR","MINUTE" respectively to set the days, hour and minute you required. While each push of "DAY" button will cycle through the following options.
• Each separate day
• All 7 day of the week
• Working days only
• Weekend
• Monday to Saturday
• Monday, Wednesday, Friday
• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
• Thursday, Friday, Saturday
3. Once the "ON" time is set, Press SET button once. The display will now show "OFF 1".
4. If you wish to clear a programme setting, push the "R/RECALL" button, Pushing the "R/RECALL" button again will reinstate the setting. Only the displayed setting will be affected.
5. Repeat the step 1 to 3 for ON2/ OFF2,... ..., ON20/ OFF20.

If no operation is applied to the timer for about 20 seconds, it will get back to the Real-time display automatically.

Press the MANUAL to set the timer to your desired operation mode. Each push of this button will cycle through the following settings which are shown on the display: AUTO OFF -> ON -> AUTO ON -> OFF.
AUTO OFF: Timer is switched off and will switch ON at next programmed ON time.
ON: Override all programming and switches the timer permanently ON.
AUTO ON: The timer is switched ON and will be switched OFF at the next programmed OFF time.
OFF: All programming is overridden and the time is switched permanently OFF.

• For indoor use only
• Connection must be to the voltage requirements as specified in the rating label located on the product
• Do not immerse timer in any liquid, expose to weather, moisture, the temperature is too high or too low, or where is easy to collided and shake
• Do not disassemble this timer by yourself
• Clean the housing and the LCD with soft cloth, don't wash it with the corrosive chemical reagent and suds.