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Wireless Digital Doorbell

• Easy to install
• Strong anti-interference system
• Radio coding and decoding
• Low power consumption
• Weatherproof transmitter with LED indicator
• Complies to IMDA approved


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Polyphony Sound: 38
Distance Coverage: Up to 50 metres
Battery: 1 x 12V (INCLUDED)
               3 x AA (NOT INCLUDED)

Model No.: 020D
Packing Dimension:
 L16.5cm x W4cm x H23.5cm

Weight: 0.2kg

• Open the battery compartment cover of the receiver and load 3 x AA alkaline batteries.
• Transmitter uses 12V battery (battery included).
• Fix the transmitter on the wall near the door with screws or adhesive tapes.
• Avoid placing transmitter near high temperature, moist area, metal or electromagnetic surfaces.
• Please replace the battery if the transmitter is not functioning propely.