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Motion Sensor LED Night Light

• Durable and long lasting
• 3 switch modes: ON/OFF/AUTO (motion sensor)
• Battery powered, No wiring required, Easy to install
• At auto mode, the built-in CDS sensor only allows the LED night light to be activated when it is situated in a dark environment
• Once activated, the LED night light will lit up when its PIR sensor senses movement of heat source such as people or animals within its detection range


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Sensor Distance: approx. 2.5 metres
Sensor Angle: approx. 90°
Light Colour: Daylight (6000K - 6500K)
Brightness: 60 Lumen
Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA (battery NOT included)

Model No.: ML-221
Product Dimension: L19.5cm x W2.3cm x H5.4cm
Weight: 0.11kg