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LED Rechargeable Cabinet Lamp

• USB Powered rechargeable lamp
• Base with magnetic panel & adhesive tape - Sticked onto your desired location and used to grip hold onto the lamp's magnetic rounder base tightly
• With Magnetic rounded base that can function: countertop light, reading lamp, night light, Emergency light, Torchlight, etc.
• Touch Sensor Control Panel 
• Adjustable lighting brightness level
• Adjustable lighting Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)
• Countdown timer 

• Come with remote control


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Charging Power Supply: DC 5V/1A
Charging Input: USB-C port
Built-in Lithium Battery: 1 x 18650 (1800mAh)
SMD LEDs: 66pcs
LUX: 500Lux
Lumen: 110Lm ±10%
Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT): 2700K ~ 6500K
CRI: ≥85
Power: 4.5Watts
Rated LED Lifespan: 40,000 hours
Battery Charging Period (0% to 100%): 3 - 4 hours
Battery Operating Period: 4 - 24 hours
USB-C Charging Cable: 1 Metre
Warranty Period: 1year
Warranty for Built-in Battery Period: 6 Months

Model No.: DL-711
Packing Dimension: L40cm x W6cm x H6cm
Weight: 0.3kg

Installation Procedure
1. Before first time use, charge the lamp to fully charge using the provided USB-C charging cable;
2. Locate a suitable place which you wish to position the lamp;
3. Peel off the adhesive 3M tape from the Base and stick onto the desired position (surface of desired position to be clean and smooth);
4. Apply some force when sticking to make sure the Base is strongly bonded with the surface of the desired position;
5. After 30 minutes, hook the lamp’s magnetic rounded base onto the Base magnetic panel to complete the installation.

Operating Instruction
1.The LED lamp can be recharged and/or operated through a DC 5V/1A power supply.
2. Built-In Lithium Battery Protection:
   a) When lamp is not in operation and is connected with DC 5V/1A power supply, lithium battery will be in recharging mode.
   b) When lamp is in operation and is connected with DC 5V/1A power supply, lithium battery will NOT be in recharging mode, and lamp will be operating and powered directly through the DC 5V/1A power supply.
3. Touch Sensor Control Panel
   a)  Power ON/OFF
   b)Adjust Lighting Brightness Level
        (i) Short Press: 4 Brightness Levels to Select From (Dim / Low / Mid / High)
       (ii) Long Press: Stepless Dimming Function
   c)Adjust Lighting Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)
        (i) Short Press: 3 CCT Ranges to Select From (2700K ~ 3200K / 3900K ~ 4500K / 6000K ~ 6500K)
       (ii) Long Press: Stepless CCT Adjustment Function
    d) Countdown Timer (30 mins)
        (i) This function once selected (lighting will blink once) will turn OFF the lamp automatically after 30 minutes of operation.
       (ii) To de-activate the countdown timer function, press this function again in which the lighting will blink twice again.
4. Remote Control - allows user to select the functions stated in the “REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS” section and control the lamp from a distance.