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Kinetic Wireless Digital Doorbell W/Night Light

• Battery - Free transmitter powered through kinetic energy
• Wireless design, easy to install
• Strong anti-interference system
• 4 levels of volume control
• 4 melody and lights modes - Ringing + Flashing light, Ringing only, Flashing light only, Ringing + Light fully lit up all the time(can act as night light)
• Superheterodyne learning code is applied, which sets up the specific melody selected by each individual transmitter that has synchronized with the same receiver.
• Radio coding and decoding
• Low power consumption
• Weatherproof transmitter
• Complies to IMDA approved


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DISTANCE COVERAGE : Up to 50 metres

 L18.6cm x W5.5cm x H20.5cm

WEIGHT: 0.18kg


• The receiver can be inserted into any indoor AC socket (230V~).

• Fix the transmitter on the wall near the door with adhesive tapes.

• Avoid placing transmitter and receiver near high temperature, high humidity, metal or electromagnetic surfaces.

• Code Recording
   1. Select your favourite melody by pressing the "Melody" button and desired volume by pressing the "Volume Control" button on the receiver.
   2. Then, press and hold the "Melody and Light Mode Selector" button on the receiver for 3 seconds till you hear a "bird chirping" sound.
   3. Once the "bird chirping" sound is heard, press the push button on transmitter. If receiver sound out your selected melody and/or desired volume, it means synchronization is successful.
   4. If synchronization is unsuccessful, repeat Step 1-3 again.
   5. For pairing of multiple transmitters or receivers, please follow Step1-3.