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UVA Lamp Mosquito Killer

• Lure & Eliminate
• UV light tube
• Electric grids
• Pest collection tray
• On/ Off power switch
• 1 year warranty (terms and conditions apply)


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Electrical Range: 220 – 240V AC
Frequency Range: 50Hz
Power: 20W
UV Light Tube: BL T8 F10W UV Fluorescent Light Tube x 2pcs
Grid Voltage: 3400V
Effective Coverage Area: 60M²

Model No.: M4
Product Dimension:
L36.3cm x W9.2cm x H26cm

Weight: 1.64kgs

1. Use the supplied hanging chain to suspend the device to the ceiling or place the device on levelled surface, at least 1.8 metres above the ground and out of reach of children. Ensure your place of choice can carry the device weight without damage or risk of failure.
2. It is recommended to place the device that is shielded from any other light source, otherwise this may hamper the flying insects' interest for the device.
3. Plug the device power cord into the mains socket outlet (220 - 240V~ 50Hz) and switch on the mains power supply. Then switch on the device's power on/off switch.
4. The collection tray is located at the left side of the device. Please pull out the collection tray to clear the insect remains.