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Multifunction Digital Voltage Tester and Insulated Screwdriver

Features/ Description:
• 2 ways test and 2 ways display
• 30% more bi-material for comfortable grip
• Chrome vanadium, rust resistant and matt finish bar
• Ergonomic handles for greater torque
• Magnetized tips (screwdriver)


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L9.6cm x W2.8cm x H30.8cm


Operation Instruction (Voltage Tester)
1. Voltage measurement:
Able to measure 12-220V AC and DC. Press 'Test' button, enable the contact of the blade tip of tester and object under measurement. The final digits are the measured voltage. (Note: If the displayed value cannot reach 70% of the higher section, it will display in the lower section.) When DC circuit is under measured, your hand should be in contact with the available pole.
2. Induction measurement:
Touch the 'Test' button with your hand (do not press down), and use the blade tip bar of tester to approach the object under measurement. If the symbol "⚡" is displayed, it means the object is carrying alternating current. You can identify ground line and phase line by widening the lines when parallel and find out the break point, detect microwave radiation and leakage with induction mode.
3. Test:
Touch the 'Test' button with hand to enable the contact of the blade tip of tester and the object under measurement. If neon lamp lights up, it indicates that the tested object is carrying alternating current and is dangerous.