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Nitto Ayumeera Hijab Awning Shaper (2Packs)

• AyuMeera is a plastic film with adhesive and paper liner.
 Composition of portion that comes into contact with body: Plastic Film
 Each pack has 5 individual pieces of Ayumerra tape.

Intended Use
Ayumeera is designed to shape and hold hijab awning in place and can be re-used up to 2 times. To re-use, please place Ayumeera on the paper liner. 
You can cut Ayumeera basic to desired size for a pointed awning. Otherwise, it is recommended to use the full strip of Ayumeera on awning.


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Available Styles

Basic (10mm x 250mm) - Shaping small awning to look natural on Shawl & Turban hijab style. You can cut Ayumeera Basic to desired size for pointed awning. Suitable for everyday use or for casual gatherings with friends.

Classic (30mm x 240mm) - Shaping medium size awning on Bawal hijab. Suitable for fancy dates, semi-formal events or interviews.

Glamour (50mm x 240mm) - Shaping large (tall) awning on Bawal hijab. Most suitable for attending wedding ceremony, formal events or parties.

Junior (30mm x 240mm)- Great for those that are starting out in wearing hijab. Usable on school hijab for children or teenagers. Helps hijab stay neat all day even with a hectic schedule in school.

Instructions For Use:

Application Method
1. Open the package and take out the product. Peel off the paper liner.
2. Apply on the hijab awning area.
3. Adjust the awning to your desired shape.

Removal Method
1. Remove Ayumeera gently from the hijab.
2. If found difficult to remove, soak in water for 5 - 10 minutes, then remove Ayumeera from the hijab and dispose it.

1. For children, please use under adult supervision.
2. Avoid sticking directly to the skin.
3. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.
4. Do not put Ayumeera in your mouth.
5. Do not wash Ayumeera together with the hijab. If accidentally washed, remove Ayumeera immediately.
6. Do not iron Ayumeera . If accidentally ironed, remove Ayumeera immediately.
7. Ayumeera can be trimmed to your preferred size, however please make sure the edges are not sharp.
8. Remove Ayumeera gently and carefully as the edges may cut your fingers.
9. After use, dispose Ayumeera as domestic waste or according to your country disposal regulations.